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Product Usage


Orthopaedics: Osteopathy, Diaplasis, Nailing

Surgery: orthopedic, removing foreign body, implanting pace maker, partial radiography, local photography, and other work.




New   (with electric auxiliary support arm) C-arm Frame


High-frequency   high-voltage X-ray generator and high-frequency inverter power supply


4 inch   ordinary LCD, resolution 1920x1200


9 inch   ordinary LCD, resolution 1280 * 1024


9 Inch   three field image intensifier


Megapixel   ultra-low illumination digital camera, Camera pixel matrix description:   1024x1024


Digital   acquisition and processing workstation


Dense   grid 40L / cm grid ratio: 8:1 focal length: 90C


Electric   adjustable beam collimator


handheld   controller


Laser   cross positioner


Digital   work station


1. High quality combined high-frequency and high-voltage X-ray generator, greatly reducing the X-ray exposure;

2. It has the function of automatic tracking of perspective kV and Ma, which makes the image brightness and clarity in the best state automatically;

3. The real-time and continuous pulse perspective mode has small ray dose, but the image is clearer, which can meet the needs of high-precision and difficult minimally invasive surgery, and can effectively protect medical care Safety of personnel and patients;

4. The host operation interface of the human graphical LCD touch screen is adopted to make the operation more intelligent and convenient; 5. The design of the hand-held controller makes the operation of the instrument more convenient;

6. The 9-inch three field image intensifier is used, with stable and reliable quality and good image definition; 7. The megapixel ultra-low illumination digital camera is used, with clearer image;

8. Standard workstation and advanced image software processing technology make the image clearer, convenient for doctors' operation and diagnosis, standard DICOM interface and easy to link with hospital information system;

9. Electric auxiliary support arm design, safer use;

10. New frame design, small and beautiful appearance;

11. Realize the function of digital photographing, make the photographing operation more convenient and the image digital processing more efficient.

Product Specification


1.1 Focus:0.6/1.8

1.2 Anode capacity35.5kJ47kHu

1.3 Tube Heat capacity650kJ867kHu

1.4 Power output5kW

1.5 Inverter Frequency≥40kHz

1.6Continous Fluoroscopy (Manual/ automatic)

1.6.1 Tube voltage40kV120kV

1.6.2 Tube current0.3mA4mA

1.6.3 Automatic brightness tracking function

1.7Pulse fluoroscopy

1.7.1 Tube voltage40kV120kV

1.7.2 Tube current0.3mA30mA

1.7.3 Pulse frequency: intelligent control reduces the radiation dose, improves the quality of single frame image and improves the continuous working time

1.8 Radiography mode

1.8.1 Radiography40kV120kV

1.8.2 Radiography tube current25mA100mA

1.8.3 Radiography mAs1.0mAs180mAs

1.9 Beam limiter: Electric iris + linear symmetrical rotatable

1.10 Working environment conditions

1.10.1 Environment temperature 10°C—40°C

1.10.2 Relative humidity30%—75%

1.10.3 Atmospheric pressure700hpa—1060hpa

1.11 Operating power condition

1.11.1 Power supply voltage and phase number: single-phase 220V ± 22V

1.11.2 Power frequency50Hz±1Hz

1.11.3 Internal resistance of power supply: no more than 1 Ω

2 Imaging system

2.1 image intensifier: 9 ″ three field e5764sd-p3, center resolution 4.8lp/mm

2.2 camera: ultra-low illumination, one million pixel black and white progressive scanning

2.3 LCD: 24 inch ordinary LCD, resolution 1920x1200, working frequency: 60Hz

2.4 image acquisition and processing workstation

2.4.1 Registration: Registration preservation, medical record query, worklist

2.4.2 Acquisition: start acquisition, prepare recording, reset, horizontal mirror, vertical mirror, window adjustment, magnifying glass, negative image, edge

Edge enhancement, recursive noise reduction

2.4.2 processing: four windows, nine windows, sharpening, horizontal mirror, vertical mirror, text annotation, length measurement

2.4.3 report: save, preview, expert template

2.4.4 DICOM function: DICOM browsing, network service

2.5 image definition index

2.5.1 gray level: ≥ 11

2.5.2 line pair resolution: ≥ 2.0lp/mm

Clinical images


3. Mechanical part

3.1 forward and backward movement: 200mm

3.2 rotation around horizontal axis: ± 180 °

3.3 rotation around vertical axis: ± 15 °

3.4 focal screen distance: 1000mm

3.5 C-arm opening: 760mm

3.6 arc depth of C arm: 670mm

3.7 sliding along the track: 120 ° (+ 90 ° - 30 °)

3.8 electric lifting of column: 400mm

3.9 guide wheel and main wheel: the guide wheel can rotate in any direction, and the main wheel can rotate ± 90 °

3.10 with electric auxiliary support arm

3.11 full balance: when the mechanical movement of the equipment is unlocked, the C-arm is balanced at any position and angle without sliding

3.12 light thrust