MD-200 Medical Diagnosis X-ray System

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MD-200 Medical Diagnosis X-ray System

MD-200 Medical Diagnosis X-ray System

Mainly parameter:
With single table and single tube with radiographic function.
Max mA: 200 mA         Max voltage: 125KV

Standard configuration:
1 controller,1 generator,1 radiographic table,1 tube,1 floor stand tube,2 high-voltage cables.  

Specifications:220V)±10%,frequency 50HZ±1HZ, Capacity≥20KW; Power resistance:380V≤1Ω, 220V≤0.34Ω,Earth resistance≤4Ωstep enters:0.1mA, 50-110KV, step enters: 1 KV, continuous exposure time ≥3h~+90°5″×7″,8″×10″,10″×12″,11″×14″;half film: 5″×7″,8″×10″,10″×12″;quarter film: 5″×7″,11″×14″±180°location per 90°, to revolve ±180°round the horizontal axles and revolve 120°round the vertical axles itself


A.C. 380V(

High Voltage Generator:

Fluoroscopy: 0.3-5mA ,

Radiography: 25-200mA divided adjustable, 50-100(125)KV, step enters: 1 KV,0.04-6.3s, totally 23steps are adjustable

X-Ray Tube Assembly:

Small focus: 1×1, 20KW, Large focus:2×2, 40KW, normal revolving speed 2800r/min, heat capacity 140KHU


Electro-motion multi-leaf’s type

Electro-motion Diagnostic table:

The table body rotary: -5°~ 0°

The tabletop height: 820mm

Distance from under X-Ray tube focus to tabletop: 400mm

Spot film devices: Longitudinal moving 560mm, transverse moving: ±90mm, oppress direction moving: 300mm

Spot film specifications: full film,

Stationary grid: grid density: 28L/cm, grid ratio: 8:1, focus distance: 100cm

Floor tube stand:

Moving: up and down 300-1800mm, longitudinal: 3000mm, transverse: 780mm

X-Ray tube assembly rotary: to go around the floor tube stand:

Floor tube stand height: 2750-3150mm

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